DUI Programs Near Me

Los Angeles, CA

A DUI program will stare at you when you go overboard with joy or maybe you are much tensed and drive even when you are under the influence of drug and drinks. In this scenario, the police will convict you and suggest a penalty in terms of money or even a jail term and your license will be suspended. The story does not end there. You will need to attend a DUI program so that you do not repeat the offense. Our diligent and experienced coaches will help you to deal with the issues psychologically by giving you sustained methods to deal with your urges to get intoxicated and even if you do get intoxicated, preventing yourself from a drink and drive situation.

In most cases, people are aware that drink and drive are not a delightful cocktail, but they make a momentary misjudgement and lament on it for years to come, in case they, unfortunately, get involved in a hit and run case. The key is to activate triggers in your neural networks so that your mind automatically thinks about the consequences of drunk driving when such a proposition rises. In other words, the choice should be subconscious. That is why, we have designed our DUI programs based on decades of research in neuroscience and have incorporated numerous drill trainings, simulations and case studies in our programs.

This is particularly important because in cities like Los Angeles drinking is primarily a social activity and thus our DUI programs are designed nullify various social influences that lead to drunk driving such as peer pressure, conformity and induced foolhardiness trough our tried and tested subconscious training modules of our DUI programs. It will make you choose wisely on an auto-pilot, provided you participate with intent in our program. At LA Driving Education Center, we do not believe in quick fixes but we believe in flexibility and customization of our programs because we acknowledge that both the cause of intoxication and the learning methods differ with every individual. We also understand that you are strong-willed and successful individuals from various walks of life, so we give you a program that best suits both you and your personality.